Here lie proud and honored Tamagotch's. Please keep noise to a minimum and respect their rest. If u are and unfortunate owner and have lost your beloved Tamagotchi please make your way to our Undertaker who will attend to all your needs.

Owner Name Age Type Cause of Death Obituary
ME Billy Boy 11 Dinosaur Accidental Dropping My darling Billy Boy. *sob* He was so beautiful. Never a moments trouble did I have with him. He went with me everywhere and did everything with me. Then came the fateful day of "The Big Drop" Oh my Billy Boy, what will I do without you? *sob*
Dan Joe 8 Dinosaur Accidental Resetting My poor Joe. The first born. He had a good life and was taken care of very well It was unfortunate that his life had to come to such an abrupt end, whilst living in a jeans pocket. We shall all miss him very dearly.
Fire Haze's Girl Jimmy 9 Monkey Fire droped it and it made a weird beep sound LONG LIVE JIMMY
Kelly Noel 16 Ginjirotchi I left it at home for an hour Goodbye dearest Noel. May you enjoy your new home. I miss you. I hope you miss me.
Lissa Digital 12 Clear Octopus 2nd Gen. Natural causes. Old age My dear digital you were a great Tamagotchi You did live longer than I expected you to, About that's a good thing, right? Well I hope you enjoy your after-life in Tama Heaven. Also don't forget to say hi to all your relatives up there. Nacki, Nicki, Kudo, Allie, Chi-Chi, Little Chi and Crash for me okay.
Cheetah Lacy 99 Tam 2 Neglect She wasn't much trouble at all. I slept late on a Saturday and she died -----------sob--------------- Live on Lacy.
ME Rex 27 Chicken Old Age He went everywhere with me. He was a loing and faithful pet. I hope he is enjoing his new life
Carlos David U.F.O 39 Alien Because he did 7 droppings and he was sick and I left him when was in school Why, why he had die.... *sob, sob, sob* I miss him so much!!!!! Well I took good care!!! Rest in peace David......
Allan Demers Turtle 99 Meme-chi Loyal Bean Natural Causes Bye Turtle!!! Enjoy the next life.
Sarah Williams ?? 16 ?? His ship pulled up and dragged him away without reason The best Tam a person could ask for. They don't get any sweeter than this. I was his mama, and he will always love me as I loved him.
Jenny Bob 2 Cat Starved to death It was very stupid
Laura Whitehead Fox ?? ?? ?? ??
Usagi Takimuyro Chibi-Usa 8 Ginjirotchi I accidently left it under my bed. She was the total best. *_*
Elizabeth Hentze Tiki 11 Zukitchi ??? You're the coolest Tamagotchi character I've had...How you died will always be a mystery to me though..
A.J Pumpkin 16 Ginorugotchi Lost to much wieght Pumpkin, Everyone said you were fat, so I made you lose wieght. From losing weight you died. Sorry.You were my first tam.
Tony Marinio Gotchi 14 Nyorotchi He was very sick I'M SORRY AND I REALY MISS YOU!
Five of Seven Rex 24 Digimon Old Age God gave him life. I gave him death
Tony Marinio Toe-Jam 14 Maskutchi I left him in my room and when I came back he was dead. He may look funny but I still miss him.
Tony Marinio Playful 10 Takotchi My mom heard him beeping and went to check on him and found out he had died when she was cleaning the house. He was cute.
Angela Nero 7 Pocket Puppy I was looking after it well but we can't take Tamagotchi's to school, so when I got back it had run away. I called it back but it was dead. ???
Loz PeePee 5 Alien Starved to death. You were pretty cute and you knew it but did you really have to die. You fool. Love you always.
Alison Little Guy 48 Mamitchi The battery drained out I hope you are very happy, Little Guy. I'm currently taking care of your son. I know he's yours because he looks and acts just like you. I'm really sorry I couldn't save you and had you on pause a lot when you were older. Thanks a lot for being the best Tamagotchi anyone could've ever owned
Jessica Tamo 14 Secret Charachter Old Age He is very loved and missed.
Darlene Tigger 26 Secret Charachter Old Age LONG LIVE TIGGER.
D-ster Croc 27 Secret Charachter Alien Died of old age Sob. Sob. Sniff. Sniff. I loved you a lot Croc. You never beeped and never refused to do anything. Rest in peace up in Tam Heaven.
Shelby Calvin 29 ?? ?? I thought I had put him on pause but I guess not. He died when I was at school, I am not alowed to bring them to school.
Ev CheeChee 15 Alien Went back to Space To my dearest Cheechee. You left me but you're always in my heart.
?? Joe 15 Mamechi Murdred him Why did you die?
KataLuna Maru 15 Fat head angel neglection My beloved Kuchi died during gym class one Thursday afternoon.I was very sad. When he left he was crying. I will miss him greatly and I am so sorry I neglected him. I hope he rests in peace.
Katie Cutie 4 Octopus Left Alone We hardly knew you
Jahu Bo 16 Tamagothci Home sickness R.I.P Bo. You were very great may your memory stay with me always
Kitty Yang 21 Purple I left it at home My tam was the best he kept me happy all the time when I was on my big trip to New York. I took the best care of him when he first was born I loved him!!!!!
Ashley A 19 Zukitchi She wanted to get out of school She was loved, she loved back, and everyone thought she was so darn cute.
Ted Banjo 64 Maskutchi Took the biggest crap you've ever seen I guess it was the nachos. Or the pizza
Samantha Xytle 15 Ginjirotchi Old age May he live forever! He was so beautiful!
Chris Bob 14 Original Forgot him He was nice while he lasted
Ben Foofoo 9 Tamagotchi Accidental Reseting It was a nice tamogotchi. But when it started talking about suicide, I put it out of it's misery.
Jared Fathead 31 Batty Bird Fell into Bathtub Ate too much food, pooped too much, and just fell into the hole of death

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