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Tamagotchi Links

Play with a Java Tamagotchi on the net.
-=really cool, just like a real Tamagotchi=-

Tamagotchi Page
-=lots of info and stuff on Tamagotchi's=-

Ali's Tamagotchi Page
-=heaps of different stuff on Tamagotchi's not your average site=-

Tamagotchi Trading Centre
-=interesting, decide for yourself=-

SailMoons Tamagotchi Page
-=pretty cool site, very interesting=-

Tamagotchi Internet Game
-=another tam game on the net=-

Tamagotchi World
-=you can find a PenPal with the same tamagotchi as you here! also lots of info on tamagotchi's=-

Virtual Pet Homepage
-=has some downloadable virtual PC Tamagotchi's=-

The Bandai site (America)

Tamagotchi UK

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